We are the team


Kai-Thomas Krause

Kai is a certified agile team coach and scrum master with a strong background in eCommerce and retail. Prior to Couch Studios Kai helped co-found NewStore as VP Engineering Mobile Commerce through Stephan Schambach's acquisition of his former startup CouchCommerce. CouchCommerce was an easy and turnkey SaaS product, a responsive eCommerce platform converting online shops into great web-apps.


Finja Samland

Finja has a lot of experience working with different kind of teams. She has a technical QA/Scrum/PO background while working at NewStore as well as project managing and customer service expertise through the years of working at CouchCommerce. Prior to Couch Studios she was a program manager, startup coach & mentor at VentureVilla Accelerator.


Lutz Marquardt

Lutz is a software engineer with a focus on distributed systems, microservices and devops. He gained a lot of experience through his years of work as an software engineer at NewStore and CouchCommerce. Lutz is a certified scrum master and has been writing software for more than 10 years in various languages and environments.


Ingo Blenke

Ingo has been working as a frontend engineer and UI designer for more than a decade. He gained notable experience in the domains of e-commerce and product-building when working as a software engineer at NewStore and CouchCommerce.
Prior to that he helped creating online shops for well-known brands at Europe’s first Magento partner agency. Oh, and just for the record: He’s also quite competitive when it comes to playing ping pong or foosball…


“Building a start-up, your own company, is the most exciting and fulfilling assignment in life and I’d like to empower others to do so as well.”

Nadine is a founder with experience in building startups as well as running an accelerator program. She has her sweet spot in marketing and company culture.
Prior to Couch Studios she co-founded and ran VentureVilla Accelerator for pre-seed technology startups as CEO in Germany, providing tailored help, expertise, mentoring, partners, office space and fair funding to the teams she intensively worked with, after helping co-found NewStore through Stephan Schambach's acquisition of her former startup CouchCommerce.