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Safety Stock


The Couch Studios Safety Stock App helps you to avoid out of stock situations.


Enable the app

To enable or disable the Safety Stock App simply click the button on top of the admin window. You will get a notification on the screen, that the app has been en- or disabled.


Set Stock Threshold

To set the threshold for your products inventory enter the value you want to use in the box or use the stepper arrows at the end of the box to increase or decrease the value. The app will send you a notification whenever the threshold is reached for a product, including the value set in this screen.


Set up email address

To set up the email address where the notifications should be sent to, please enter a valid email address in the box (1). Then click on the “Save” button (2). You will get a confirmation code sent to the entered email address, that you have to enter, prior to get notifications.

You can change the email address at any time.


See all products below threshold

If you want to see all products in your catalogue where the stock level is below the threshold set, simply click on the button “Show all items below x“ (where x is the threshold set). You will be taken to a list with all products, where inventory is at or below the threshold and inventory management is enabled in shopify backend.


Use the email

If your stock hits the threshold you will receive an email like the one on the left (but with your store details).

You can easily look up single product in your shopify backend via click on the product name (1).

Or click on the big link at the bottom to get directly to a list in the shopify backend, where all products are listed that are at or below the threshold.


+ When will I receive an email?

You will receive an email, if the threshold set in the app backend is reached. So if you have set "10" as value you will get an email whenever a products inventory level hits 10.

+ How many mails will I get (do you spam my inbox)?

We check for inventory frequently. You will receive just one email per checking interval. In this mail you possibly have one ore more products, depending on what happened and how many products have hit the threshold.

+ Can I change the email address in the backend of the app?

Sure! You can change the email address anytime you want.

+ Which stock level should I set?

Good question... we can't tell you this. But from our work with merchants we can say this: if you have a lot of traffic and sales it makes sense to get notified a bit earlier to react in time - so set the levels a bit higher. If you have just a couple of sales a month, you want to set the threshold pretty low to avoid having too much stock in your warehouse. Also keep in mind, how long it will take until you receive stock from your suppliers. With all this in mind you will pretty soon have an idea, what threshold works best for you.

+ What costs are associated?

First of all: you can test for free for 7 days and see if our app does the job for you. After that we charge you $4.99 per month. That's it. Sanity of mind for the price of a latte ;-)

+ Is it possible to set stock thresholds for individual products?

Not yet, but it's one of the features that will land in the app soon!